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The computer giant even flew Mr Kramer to its Californian headquarters to give evidence in its defence during a legal wrangle with another firm,, which claimed it held patents to technology in the i Pod and deserved a cut of Apple’s £89billion profits.

Mr Kramer said: ‘To be honest, I was just so pleased that finally something that I had done which has been a huge success and changed the music industry was being acknowledged.I was really quite emotional about it all.’He is now negotiating with Apple to gain some compensation from the copyright that he owns on the drawings.But so far he has received only a consultancy fee for providing his expertise in the legal case.But Mr Kramer, in contrast, last year had to close his struggling furniture design business and move with his wife Lorraine and children, Jodi, nine, Luis, 14, and Lauren, 16, into rented accommodation.‘I can’t even bring myself to buy an i Pod for myself,’ he said.‘Apple did give me one but it broke down after eight months.’Mr Kramer, who organises the annual British Invention Show, is now working on a patented invention he claims will be bigger than the i Pod.

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