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As long as Lincoln was determined to prosecute the war and as long as the North was behind him, inevitably superior manpower and resources just had to win out.The North and South engaged each other for four long years. So we decided to ask ten of the country’s most respected Civil War historians: “Why did the South lose the Civil War? Industrially the South couldn’t keep up in output and in manpower.By the end of the war, the South had, more or less, plenty of weaponry still, but it just didn’t have enough men to use the guns.Twenty-one to seven is a very different thing than seven to twenty-one.BRIAN POHANKA Consultant for the weekly series “Civil War Journal” on the Arts and Entertainment network, on-set history advisor for the movie Gettysburg, a staff writer and researcher for Time-Life Books’ The South certainly did not lose for any lack of idealism, or dedication to its cause or beliefs, or bravery and skill on the battlefield.

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