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Apalit is 55 kilometres (34 mi) from Manila, 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from the provincial capital, San Fernando, and 28 kilometres (17 mi) from Angeles.

Like other towns in the Philippines, Apalit is governed by a mayor and vice mayor who are elected to three-year terms.

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Unquestioning, the whole town would follow him, and in less than two hours, the masons would have enough sand for two months.

"The whole town of Apalit helped either with monetary donations, personal service, or with their good wishes." The church measures 59 meters long and 14 meters wide.

The first church and convento was constructed under the tenure of Fray Juan Cabello as parish priest from 1641 to 1645.The mayor is the executive head and leads the town's departments in executing the ordinances and improving public services.The vice mayor heads a legislative council (Sangguniang Bayan) consisting of councilors from the Barangays of Barrios. Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_2 .resp-tabs-list li:hover i. Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_6 .resp-tabs-list li:hover i. Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_2 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active i , . Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_3 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active, . Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_6 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active i , . Vertical Tab.tabs_ver_6 .resp-tabs-list .resp-tab-active, .

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